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Monday 14 October 2013, by admin

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Electronic design alliance

ACEN is a founding member of the Electronic Design Alliance, a cluster of electronic SMEs of the Rennes area. This cluster federates electronic skills in HW, SW, and GW design to offer the study and development of a complete electronic system.

Electronic Design Alliance is a LEADER Design Services Partner of Lattice Semiconductor Corporation.

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ACEN has been selected by Lattice as member of its LEADER program. In this respect ACEN commits to provide to Lattice customers the best quality in FPGA design.

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Rennes Atalante
Rennes Atalante
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ACEN is member the Meito and www.rennes-atalante.fr associations that gather ITC companies, SMEs, and academics to favor innovation and development.

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Courant Porteurs
Cournats Porteurs

ACEN participates to Courants Porteurs an association of SME managers for the promotion collaborative business in Brittany.

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