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Signal processing design on FPGA

Friday 4 October 2013, by admin

ACEN at a glance

ACEN relies on a background of more than 30 years of experience in R&D activities within major electronic compagnies in the world of image, network and broadcast. This experience has been concretized by the design of electronic prototypes and products for video encoding, multiplexing and digital broadcasting applications.
Since its creation in 2004 ACEN carries out on-demand studies and FPGA design for complex and performant digital electronic systems.

Services in FPGA design

All along the design flow ACEN can provide assistance to your designer team or ensure the development of parts of your product where a high level of performance is required. The main areas where ACEN expertize adds a noticeable value to your project are:

  • algorithmic studies,
  • architecture specification,
  • FPGA design and test.

    ... and much more with partners

In close partnership with neighboring electronic companies with complementary skills ACEN can take in charge the development of a turn-key electronic prototype from the specification to the testing. The tasks of architecture definition, component selection, board design, hardware and software developments are conducted with a high degree of quality and confidentiality.

IP core solutions

The family of arithmetic operators developed by ACEN targets the applications that require high precision operations . Fast and compact these IP cores may improve the performances of your current designs or open the door to more performant applications.

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